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We value our patients' experience at Erlandson Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ben Erlandson

My son was a colicky baby he cried majority of the time, was only sleeping short periods of time day and night.  On one of my visits to my chiropractor I was talking about how my son cried all the time, and they suggested I bring him in to be checked out. 

I was very nervous to bring my 6 week old baby to the chiropractor as he was so little and scared of how he would react to the adjustment and to see and hear the adjustment. 

I was so glad that I took him in, as the whole tripe there he cried the whole time, on the way home after being very gently adjusted he was a sleep and I did not hear a peep the whole way home.  It was 3 adjustments and he was a totally different baby, no crying and sleeping through the night. 

It is amazing how much better you feel after having regular chiropractic care.  My whole family now go for regular adjustments and my son now 8 and my daughter tell me they can tell when they need to go as they feel so much better after an adjustment. 

We are as a family very happy with Erlandson Chiropractic as they always get us in even if it is last minute that we need an adjustment, staff is very helpful and friendly.  A great place to choose for your chiropractic care. 

-Kami B. 

All three of my children had different things going on that I was concerned about all of which had been recurring for a couple of years.  My twins were repeatedly treated for breathing difficulties, one child was overly energetic to the point he did not sleep through the night, my 8 year old was suffering from migraines, and all three of them were often sick in one way or another. All of these symptoms prevented the kids from being in school each day and Jon’s lack of sleep made it difficult for him to focus and control his impulses. 

I just hadn’t thought about seeing a chiropractor for these concerns.  I did not know there was a chiropractor in the area that would treat anything other than specific back or neck problems.

Upon being adjusted regularly, I noticed an immediate improvement in all three of them.   They started listening better, focusing better, and my son’s migraines went away.  In the 18 months since we began seeing Dr. Ben, only one of my children has been sick once…a huge improvement from having atleast one sick child each month.  In addition, Dr. Ben has educated our entire family on healthier eating habits which have also had an impact on the children’s behavior and well-being.

I would, and do regularly, recommend Gonstead chiropractic care because of the wellness approach to it.  Rather than treating a symptom by getting adjustments when there is a problem, I feel that the ongoing wellness adjustments have had a significant impact on my children’s health and learning.  I truly believe that the reason my children have not been sick as often is due to the regular adjustments.  The education we have received from Dr. Ben relative to how our nervous system works and all of the stresses on the nervous system will help my family make better and more educated decisions moving forward.

-Jenna D.

I have had a physically demanding job for the past 18 years.  For the past 15 years I have been treated by a chiropractic monthly for headaches and various injuries.  For almost a year I had been fighting debilitating headaches, jaw pain and struggling with shoulder pain.  I had been treated regularly by a chiropractor for the headaches and shoulder pain and even gotten a cortisone shot in one shoulder which provided temporary relief.  The nauseating headaches were getting more frequent (1-2 days a week) and intense and so I visited the chiropractor more often.  The long term effects of these headaches and shoulder pain were obious in my lack of clear thinking, poor sleep quality and stress resulting in becoming accident prone and inefficient in my work. 

Finally, a friend suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Ben.  I was hesitant to switch chiropractors, especially since my chiropractor had been effective treating previous issues.  I questioned myself whether changing chiropractors would really make a big difference?   What could Dr. ben do that the current chiropractor wasn’t already doing? 

I highly recommend Dr. Ben and the Gonstead chiropractic care he provides.  He was the first doctor to take an x-ray of my spine.  He did a thorough history, looked at the big picture and explained “why”.  He outlined a treatment plan including my responsibilities at home and free educational classes available.  The nauseating headaches and jaw pain became less severe within two weeks and shoulder pain gradually disappeared.  Shoulder pain is gone and the headaches and jaw pain are seldom.  Now I do wellness visits. 

I am very thankful I switched to Dr. Ben.  I am functioning at a much higher level, my general health has improved and I just feel so much better.  The financial and time investment has really paid off.  The benefits of investing in my health have been priceless!

-Barb J. 

When coming to Dr. Ben I was aware of an existing subluxation in my spine.  Before chiropractic care I had immense digestive issues along with adrenal fatigue.  While getting chiropractic care my energy, comfort and digestion improved. Before seeing Dr. Ben I had relapsed a bit and hadn’t been getting wellness visits.  After getting back into it, I was able to get on track and keep up my preventative care. Before getting care I felt hopeless and my body was constantly tired.  Chiropractic care helped empower me to take ownership over and health again!

I was unaware of what chiropractic care could do for me.  After all of my doctor visits, and research on digestion, I didn’t know what chiropractic care could help until a relative suggested it.  I was so desperate to find relief and was willing to try anything. I’m glad I didn’t let myths about chiropractic stop me.  

My overall quality of life improved greatly. My energy levels increased on a day to day level.  I was able to function at work and was able to do more things that I love!

Thank you Dr. Ben for your dedication to educating people about chiropractic care!  It has made such a difference in my life and I’m so glad that you are sharing it with others.  Everyone deserves to feel well enough to life to their fullest potential and chiropractic is a BIG part of the equation!

Dr. Ben and Kari are such a welcoming duo!  When I first came to Erlandson Chiropractic I was wowed by their dedication to their patients. It is one of those places where you walk in greeted by welcoming faces and know that you are going to be well taken care of.  Their dedication, kindness and professionalism strongly attribute to the optimal healing environment they create.

-April L.

We chose to seek chiropractic care as a family to help boost our overall health and well-being.  None of us were exposed to chiropractic care until a relative of ours became a chiropractor and taught us the many benefits of chiropractic care. 

My husband began seeing Dr. Ben to help with hip pain while he was running.  After being adjusted over several months he seldom had any pain when running and continues to be adjusted on a regular basis. 

I was unsure if it would benefit me until I became pregnant and my husband convinced me to make my first appointment.  During my pregnancy with chiropractic care, I noticed I felt very healthy.  I was never sick and had only minor aches.  I also suffered with constipation, but my frequent adjustments helped with that as well.  As time went on with regular adjustments, I started to become more in tune to my own body and know when I need to be adjusted. 

When our son was born we had him adjusted right from birth.  He is now 19 months old and has not had a single ear infection.  Furthermore, he is very seldom sick.  I’m certain that seeking chiropractic care for him from the beginning has helped with that!  We now have a newborn girl at home as well who will be getting regular adjustments. 

-Rachel B. 

The day I started working for Erlandson Chiropractic was the first day of my chiropractic journey to wellness.  It was December 2009 and ever since I have been a weekly wellness patient.  Before chiropractic I had very poor health.  I would get sick often; I had allergies, severe asthma since age 5, and chronic neck pain.

I never feared chiropractic care.  When I was younger I used chiropractic for neck pain.  However, I was never educated on all the wellness benefits of chiropractic care until working for Dr. Ben and becoming a patient.  It was then I realized all chiropractors are not the same. 

I have noticed numerous changes in my health condition in the years since I’ve started weekly wellness.  I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies.  I have not taken an allergy medication in years.  I no longer use albuterol inhaler and have no symptoms of asthma.  I noiced I can fall asleep faster and stay asleep instead of waking many times during the night.  

I would recommend Gonstead chiropractic to others.  The Gonstead technique is more thorough than a general chiropractor’s method.  The x-rays, examinations, patient history, nervoscope, and hands-on-adjustments are all necessary to have the most information to receive the best care. 

I have benefited from chiropractic care greatly.  I know now how a healthier body is supposed to feel and move.  When I have children I will have them started with chiropractic care from the beginning.  Something I wish my parents had done for me and known about.  The staff at the clinic are great, always willing to take extra time to teach and to listen.

-Shelley V.

Up until I received a free offer for a wellness check with Ben Erlandson, I had not considered using chiropractic care.  During my wellness check, using the Gonstead technique, Dr. Erlandson found subluxations on my spine.  It seemed to be accurate and fit how my back felt.  I felt sore and stiff in the areas he identified.

I followed the wellness check with adjustments.  I scheduled two adjustments per week for eight weeks.  After a few adjustments, I noticed improvements.  I noticed how comfortable it felt leaning over to tie my shoes.  I also noticed how comfortable it felt reaching for high things.  I used to think it hurts when reaching up high because it must be bad for my back.  Now I realize the problem was the subluxations in my back.  Now I can reach as high as I want without pain.

I think I have had subluxations my entire life.  The pain was mild, and I was used to it.  I did not pay much attention to it.  Fortunately, I stumped onto Gonstead chiropractic care.

-Troy C.

I had inner ear problems.  When I consulted Dr. Erlandson, he gave me just one treatment.  I have had no dizziness since and that has been over 2 years ago. 

I used to go to Canistota in South Dakota for treatments every 6 months, but that because to far to travel.  I now go to Dr. Ben and I always feel better in my getting around.  

-Lila R. 

I would describe my overall general health as good.  My primary reason for seeking chiropractic care was because of issues I was experiencing with my lower back; there was a constant soreness and stiffness.  The pain and stiffness was especially acute in the morning upon awaking and getting out of bed. 

I tried various other chiropractic doctors in the past with limited results.  Over time my back pain has lessened along with the stiffness.  I have more flexibility in my back and can move more freely without pain or discomfort. 

I would recommend Gonstead chiropractic-the reason, very simply, it helped me with my back problem.  I feel better.  Wich care I am better able to pursue my daily activities without constant nagging pain. 

The chiropractic care I have been receiving from Dr. Erlandson has been effective. 

-Dick T. 

I was in a lot of pain, especially in my legs.  I was taking a lot of advil during the day.  In the morning I could hardly stand up.  I didn’t know who to call.  Dr. Ben walked in my store just as I was looking for a doctor to go to.  That was it he was the one.  I think I was his first patient. 

I’m so glad I went to him.  It took 3 days a week for a while.  Now I’m on wellness two times per month.  I feel so much better and no advil.  

If you are in pain and tired of meds all the time.  Try Gonstead chiropractic and you’ll feel so much better.  I’m  just glad Dr. Ben came in the store that day or I might not have every gone to  a chiropractor. 

-Jan H. 

I had a slipped (herniated) disc. The only time it didn’t hurt was when I was lying down. It was had to even stand. My general health was very good though. I was in so much pain I didn’t wait long to go to a chiropractor. However, I really though about what avenue to take because I knew that the traditional medicine avenue had not gotten good results in general in treating the back. Also, I was brought to believe that chiropractic care was not proper care, that only a medical doctor should be consulted. However, I knew that other people have had excellent results from chiropractic and I decided that just because a person was brought up a certain way is not a good reason to reject other methods. The results were excellent. Between the adjusting over a period of time, being careful how much I lifted, and making sure to walk the improvement in my back has been amazing. I would recommend Gonstead chiropractic care along with walking every day has been what has helped me and I have kept going for maintenance adjustments from time to time. The experience I had above was twenty five years ago. Dr. Martin Erlandson (Dr. Ben’s Dad) helped so much. After he helped me, I decided to go to Dr. Ben because he used the same method as his father. My back starting hurting every evening since the fall of 2013 because I hadn’t seen a chiropractor in a long time after Dr. Marty passed away, so I started going to Dr. Ben. The adjustments really helped and now my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

-Annie R.

I had severe headaches, back and neck pain when I first came to see Dr. Ben. I didn’t use chiropractic before that time because I had mis-information about chiropractic. With the pain I had my first choice was a medical doctor because I didn’t know chiropractic could help me so much. When I started chiropractic care with Dr. Ben the headaches stopped immediately. I felt a lot better and was handling stress better than before. My body seemed to function better overall. I would recommend Gonstead chiropractic care to others. It just makes your overall health just better and you move more free in activities. I feel a hundred times better, when I go regularly more like a well functioning person. 

-Stephanie T.

Before I started seeing Dr. Ben I had a very limited range of motion throughout my back and neck. I am a very active person. I life weights about 5-6 times a weeks so having a healthy body structure is very important to be able to perform correctly. I had gone to see various doctors and physical therapists and I was getting very frustrated that no one could find a solution for my issues. On the first visit I walked into a very clean friendly environment. Kari at the front desk was very nice and helpful. When I saw Dr. Ben I could tell he really cared about what I had to say and was eager to help me. My health just kept on improving from there. I had an incident a few months ago when I was at the gym and felt like something had ruptured in my head. I had massive headaches so I went to Dr. Ben seeking help. Because of the severity of the headaches he suggested that I try to get an MRI. So I went to the Dr and ended up getting one. The MRI showed nothing but the headaches continued. After my appointment Dr. Ben actually called me to see how I was doing and was determined to help everyday until the headaches stopped. I was floored he called to check up on me! That’s how much he cares about his patients! I would recommend Erlandson Chiropractic to anyone and everyone! He truly helped me and my four year old son! Being able to function again without pain is amazing!!! 

-Michelle M.

I had really bad pain in my leg and a bad thyroid condition. I have used chiropractic for years and had great success with chiropractic for lots of different health problems. After a series of treatments with Dr. Ben, the pain in my leg is gone and I’m walking normally. I also had improvement in a thyroid condition that was causing me a lot of problems with energy. Gonstead chiropractic is very effective and I would recommend it to others.

-Jean O.

My son Parker has had a history of health problems. Respiratory issues, ear issues and overall a weakened immune system. After several rounds of antibiotics, steroids and tubes placed in his ears we still were having recurring health issues. So we sought out chiropractic care. As a parent I was unsure how a 2 year old would react/take to chiropractic care. I held off on taking him sooner, which I wish I would have taken him as an infant! Today, when Parker gets sick his body recovers much better and quicker. The frequency of his illnesses is far less and he hasn’t been on antibiotics since we started chiropractic care in August! It has made such a difference in our lives. We have a healthier child and not to mention the savings of what we were paying to medical bills has been cut SUBSTANTIALLY!

-Katie & Parker

My daughter was having re-occuring ear infections on a monthly basis, and antibiotics were not working at all. It was suggested I try chiropractic approaches, and I couldn't believe the difference between medicine vs. an adjustment. By the end of the first day my daughter was a new person. She was smiling, dancing, and all around happy. What I saw in results in one visit far surpassed the 2 months of antibiotics. The results speak for themselves. If I suspect my little girl has an infection now, I don't even bother calling her doctor and I make an appointment with my chiropractor and eliminate weeks of pain and tears. I wish I knew of using chiropractic care for my daughter 15 years ago when my first born was a baby. She had chronic ear infections, we used the tubes, and nothing helped. She finally grew out of it after many painful years. Luckily my 3 year old doesn't have to suffer, we've been seeing Dr. Ben since she was an infant. Both of my daughters and I see Dr. Ben anytime something comes up in our lifes. First sign of a cold, were in, and before it can even start, its over. Either one of them take a tumble--fall at the playground, or fall on the basketball court, were in before and major pain sets in, from something being out of wack. They are all around happier, and I am far less stressed, by having a quick check up. I would recommend Gonstead chiropractic to anyone you love, or a complete stranger that is having a problem. All my daughter’s friends parents hear about the miracles that happen when I take my girls in. The results speak for themselves and I am a fan and will use chiropractic forever.

-Kellie W.

I had terrible migraines since the age of 6 at least once a week and a lot of lower back pain. At first I was afraid chiropractic would not help me. But after starting chiropractic care I have only had a few migraines. And my lower back pain is improving.

I would absolutely recommend Gonstead chiropractic care. I never thought I would live my life without regular migraines and lots of medication.

-Tarah P.


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